13 Moons x 28 days = 364 days = 52 seven-day weeks. The 365th day of the year is called the Day Out of Time, a day to celebrate peace through culture, time is art and practice universal forgiveness so that everyone can start the next year fresh!

Foundation for the Law of Time

It states that time is the universal factor of synchronization. The Law of Time distinguishes between a natural timing frequency that governs the universal order, and an artificial timing frequency which sets modern human civilization apart from the rest of its environment, the biosphere.

Because both the Gregorian and 13 Moon calendars operate with 52 seven-day weeks annually (364 days), the 13 Moon calendar provides a perfect daily transition tool for hooking back up with the higher-dimensional order! It is simple to follow day-to-day as it is marked with the dates of the Gregorian calendar.

The coming new era on our planet has everything to do with a change of timing frequency. The 13 Moon-28-day calendar is a simple tool that helps us to raise our frequency and gives us a new lens to view both our day-to-day and planetary events.

13 Moon Calendar – Simple Cycles

The 13 Moon calendar is comprised of elegantly simple cycles. Namely: The 7-day week and 28-day moon. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the days of the moon (month) and the days of the week line up perfectly, week-to-week and moon-to-moon. This makes the 13 Moon/28-day calendar a perpetual calendar. Let’s go into detail and you’ll see what we mean.

In the graphic above, the small numbers at the bottom of each square are the 12 Month/Gregorian calendar dates. For example, find the very first day of the 13 Moon calendar – do you see below where it says “7-26” – this is the Gregorian date July 26! Every day on the 13 Moon calendar includes the Gregorian date – this is so we don’t get lost in this time of transition.

Now find your birthday on the 13 Moon calendar. For example, if your birthday is October 13, look for the day on the calendar that is marked “10-13”. Note that October 13 is the 24th day of the Electric Moon. Electric Moon is the third moon of the 13 moons. You can write this date as 3.24.

Now find today’s date on the 13 Moon calendar. Note the moon and day of the moon it falls on.

This is all you need to know to begin following this basic 13 Moon Cycle! No need to memorize obscure rhymes like “30 days hath September,…” because every moon is exactly 28 days – the first day of the moon is always the first day of the week, the last day of the moon is always the last day of the week!

This consistent regularity is what makes the 13 Moon calendar a harmonic timespace matrix. This is just the tip of the iceberg of fourth-dimensional time…

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to keep time within a harmonic matrix!

13 Moon Calendar – Every day is a Galactic Gateway

So you’ve seen the tip of the iceberg now. The 28-day cycle makes calculating the year extremely easy. You always know that, for example, five moons from now it will be the same day of the moon, and the same day of the week. You can see that if you were to calculate something far into the future it would still be the same calendar year. What’s more, this calendar, as a harmonic matrix, is a perfect reflection of higher-dimensional time.

Now you’re ready to learn about the 260 Galactic Gateways of the Harmonic Module or Tzolkin.

This is the Harmonic Module, called Tzolkin by the Maya which means “sacred count”. This is a perfect 13:20 matrix (13 x 20 = 260). If you’ve already learned about the Law of Time then you know that this is the perfect cycle of the 13:20 frequency of synchronization.

The Tzolkin is read from top to bottom, left to right. Start in the upper left-hand corner and count downward until you reach 20, then 21 will be at the top of the next column, and so on.

Each day is a combination of one of 20 symbols (Solar Seals) and 13 numbers (Galactic Tones). This makes a total of 260 (20 x 13) combinations of seals and tones.

The 260-day cycle is the rough measure of the human gestation period, and is also a perfect fractal of the galactic 26,000-year cycle which we will be completing on December 21, 2012, which is why it is also called the Galactic Spin.

This 260-day cycle proceeds daily, every day for every 13 Moon calendar year. In combination with the 364 + 1 days of the 13 Moon calendar, a vast permutation matrix is established. This creates a 52-year cycle – 18,980 days (= 260 x 365) – where no two days are the same, so that you have an ever changing pattern of moving symbols for every day!