Island of Hvar Summer 2017 Top Choices for Hiking Afficionados


  1. Purkin Kuk, Stari Grad

starting points: Dol, Stari Grad

path leads from main road, is well marked for hikers. Up serpentine twines through pine tree forest the path passes Likorova kuća to 275m highpoint Purkin Kuk, an ancient historic sight of the Island of Hvar


2. Pokojni Dol through Milna to Malo Grablje

starting points: Pokojni Dol, Milna, Velo Grablje

path starts at the beach in Pokojni Dol, Hvar. Continues for 15 min to the beautiful beach of Mekicevica. Along the coastline to the bay of Borca, and the two beaches in Milna.

crossing the main road is a loose gravel road to Malo Grablje which continues to Velo Grablje. The later can be a good starting point and is reachable by bus via the old Hvar – Stari Grad road.


3.Sveti Nikola, Sveta Nedilja

starting points: Sveta Nedelja, Poljica

The highest peak (628m) Sveti Nikola, on the island Hvar offers spectacular hiking treks and views. The most rewarding trek begins at sea level in the village of Sveta Nedjelja. Half an hour up the mountain is the Cave of Sveta Nedjelja, with a beautiful little chapel built into the cave. The path continues towards Gospa of Zdravlja another beautifully built stone chapel with views overlooking the Pakleni Islands, Vis.

Ecotourism house Kolumbic is close to the peak, offering food and beverages. The peak itself has astounding views of the whole central adriatic sea.

4.Palmizana to Vlaka

starting points: Palmizana

path leads from the marina in Palmizana along the island of Sveti Klement. Passing through the magical botanical gardens of Vinogradisce bay, the path to Vlaka is about an hour long. Beautiful vineyards of Soline and an ancient ruins sight of the Island of Hvar; The Mud Baths of Soline bay

5. Grapceva Spilja and Humac

starting points: Humac

Eco village Humac is a great starting point to visit the inside of the island of Hvar. Grapceva Cave is a cave on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar, near Humac, famous for its archeological finds. This cave is one of the oldest sites of Hvar culture and civilization on the Adriatic. Archeological finds date back to 4000 BC – 5000 BC.