After a good nights sleep in the ferry from Split, Croatia to Ancona, Italy waking up ready for the trip ahead is imperative. Un macchiato por favore…. 

I am tracing the the ancient Roman road – Via Aemilia in the north Italian plain completed in 187 BC.  The plan is to make it up to Monza in two days, the thing is my modus operandi on this journey an italian style Vespa trip and by that the means of transport were a good old Piaggio Skipper 150 cc scooter.

Dove turisti?

Being september and all with tourist seasons still on, I expect to see much more foreigners breaking out of Ancona up the beginnings of the beautiful Via Emilia. I still have my summer clothes on me, sandals, shorts… Summer in my mind. The gods beg differently, and only about twenty miles into the drive an outpour of rain. I stop in the small village of Senigallia on the italian adriatic coast to get some boots and cargo pants on my and decide to wait it out for a while. Un macchiato por favore…

This being a real oldschool planned trip ie; no planning at all, minimal tech equipment – winging it as one would say.

Rimini Beach

For lunch the cult italian summer spot Rimini seems just up the road and a perfect choice. I ride into town with my new italian on the spot style, the rain has given it’s best for now and conditions are brightening up. So I’m up for a walk down the infamous promenade of the town. -from my knowledge of the town it should be packing  with beautiful Italian people from all over. To my slight surprise the beach is mine. I walk for a while, most of the cafe’s and restaurants are more empty than full.

Dove turisti – I ask one of the vendors selling me fresh fish caught this morning. He responds unwittingly – Scapare.

Impressionable San Marino

Views of San Marino

Apparently the not so nice weather is reason enough for everyone to pack up and check out early. On the road again it seems to me too. San Marino is just up the road, and after a lovely drive up into the mountainside I drive into town and stop for lunch finally and a bit of sightseeing. San Marino just blows my mind straight away. The three fortresses and walls lying on the cliffs of Mount Titano astonish with views of the Apennines, the coastal plain, Rimini, and the sea as far as home, the Dalmatian coast.

It’s time to hit the road again. I have this feeling that after the impressionable San Marino heights, I might have actually taken a bit of a wrong turn. So at the local gas station I check in with the local Italian boys and check for directions, via Bologna. I ask pointing down the road. They have a good look at me, my ride and with a smile say Bologna, on that?

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.

– Erol Ozan

Actually I’m going to Milan on that, and it turns out after they gave me the correct directions I was heading towards Firenze instead. Not the Via Emilia and not the plan to head up to Toscany today.

I am thoroughly enjoying the roads, the landscape and the afternoon riding through the province of Forlì-Cesena in the Emilia–Romagna region of Italy. It’s my kind of place and time. Coffee time in the beautiful Forli square Piazza Saffi and on my way to the city of Bologna for an overnight stay.

Bologna Cityscape

Checking out the town, the food, the people very briefly after a full day on the road. Hooked up with the locals at the Africa Natural shop and the hotel nearby they helped my find with the full moon coming into the night sky was named Conte Luna.

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