Ever wondered why you end up taking that one turn left and not right? It’s the sign that caught my attention.

Like a scene from the cult 1982 A.D title “Conan the Barbarian” with Thulsa Doom appearing on the mountain top.

The High Place of Sacrifice Trail

Highplaces were  a key element of Nabataean worship. Mountain plateaus were ideal for worship based on the belief that being on a higher elevation brought worshipers closer to the heavens. A long and winding trail, with steps cut out of the rock, leads up to these open-air plateaus were religious complexes are placed. Also they offer spectacular views overlooking the city centre of Petra.

King of my Castle, overlooking the centre of the lost city

As I make my way past the Al  Khazen also know as the Treasury, I turn just accross from the Royal Tombs and  start the 3km hiking trail. Small groups of Bedouin along the way sell small stones  of all sorts and Petra trinckery in their souvenir benches. Their children ride their donkeys and camels up and down the steep rocky trail leading up to the  top.

Toba, flute player of the mountain plateau

The times You here the flute playing in the distance. From the mountains apex. As I approach the large rock bedim the flute player has caught on to the inevitable moment of acquainting myself with the terrific maestro concerto. I am greeted by Toba, a happy Bedouin artista abiding the mountain plateau which a-priori served for religious sacrifices. Toba offers Bedouin tea, chaya. I graciously accept. With a grab of nearby branches and sticks, a small fire has been lit, a circular intertwined wire mesh placed and water temperature rising. From the small creeks and crests in the rocks behind us my hostess pulls out her collection of tea herbs. I compliment her skills, grandioza musica.

Bedouin flute player Toba of the mountain plateau

Only in complete silence, you will hear the desert.

– Anonymous Bedouin

You on one side and a friend on the other.

I once heard the saying better to live in the cave with a view of the palace. Petra desert dwellers the Nabataean actually develop their own neighbourhoods over time.

Nabataean Desertdwellings in Petra, Jordan