Hiking to St. Elijah Peljesac peninsula
Hiking to St. Elijah Peljesac peninsula

According to the old Croatian legend Saint Elijah the Thunderer drives his chariot in the clouds causing thunder.

Sveti Ilija Gromovnik

As the inhabitants of Korcula and of course Peljesac know when a storm comes from over Sveti Ilija it comes fast and strong. Standing at 961m above sea level it’s the steepness of  this limestone massif that never fails to impress. Sveti Ilija is abundant in Mediterranean herbs, it is also a habitat of moufflons, while at the mere peak, you will enjoy one of the best views on the Mediterranean.

The mountain of Saint Elijah, Peljesac from across the channel in Lumbarda, Korcula.

Hiking trail from Orebic

A great place to start the hike is from Bilogora Panorama, grab a bite to eat or some water from there as later on the hike there will not be a place to  get water. I arrive via ferry from Korcula in the morning to the largest town on Peljesac, Orebic. Equipped with a hiking map from the local tourist board office, I head in the direction of the  nearby Franciscan Monastery. At 150m above the sea it has amazing views over the channel of Korcula. According to local legends, when leaving or returning from their journeys, Orebić captains and seafarers would greet Our Lady of Angels with sirens as a sign of gratitude and to seek protection. The Franciscans, on the other hand, would reply by ringing the bell in the church bell tower.

Views of Korčula from the Monastery of Our Lady of Angels